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Avoiding ageism in job descriptions

How to avoid age discrimination in your job adverts

As a employer it is your responsibility to try to ensure that you do not discriminate against any jobseekers on the grounds of age. The Employment Equality (Age) Regulations 2006 legislation came into force on the 1st October 2006, and mean you cannot discriminate against elderly candidates when recruiting.

Combating ageism does not only mean treating elderly job applicants fairly but also means ensuring young jobseekers are also not discriminated against.

Below are some of the points to remember when writing out a job advert:

  • Avoid using terminology like ‘dynamic young person’ that hints you are looking for applicants from a specific age group.
  • Try not to put in your advert how many years experience is required, in its place you could refer to the type of experience that is required. Basically avoid age related questions.
  • Do not simply advertise the position in media that is seen only by a certain age group for instance young peoples magazines.
  • You could even consider removing the date of birth section from your application form. Instead have it written on a separate sheet of paper attached to the application form.


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