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Diversity jobs

We are a specialist job site whose mission statement is to firstly advertise employer’s vacancies, campaigns and brands to qualified job seekers from within the ethnic and minority populations of the UK. Secondly it is to also help these recruiters find the most suitable candidates from the UK’s ethnic and minority communities.

We have over five years experience of running job boards (our first site was set up in 2004) and have successfully managed diversity & inclusion recruitment campaigns and initiatives for many leading British employers. To our clients and partners we offer a affordable and effective solution to their online diversity recruitment campaigns.
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The diversity jobs board will successfully advertise your diversity and equal opportunity jobs to the widest audience of jobseekers regardless of their:-

Age, Disability , Gender, Marital Status, Race / Ethnicity, Religion, Sexual Orientation.        

Visitors to our site
On average this site has over 140,000 unique visitors every month, over 84% of these can be described as being from minority groups like British Asian, British Black and Disabled jobseekers. Our own surveys show that over 78% of these are active experienced jobseekers looking for work right now. 

Our network of sites
We have a network of three specialist job site, they are:

Diversityjobboard.co.uk    (candidates from diverse backgrounds)
Disabilityjobboard.com    (disabled jobseekers)
Dayjob.com.                       (public sector and voluntary sector)




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Advertising costs
We offer superb flexible advertising packages and rates to suit any budget, for either single or multiple job postings or campaigns. For our best rates email your requirements to us at advertising@diversityjobboard.co.uk or call 0870 061 0121.

More information
If you have any queries or would like our Media Pack / Rate Card then either call our office on 0870 061 0121 or email us at enquiries@diversityjobboard.co.uk.


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