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Commission for Racial Equality

This was a public body established by the Labour government in 1976. It was also referred to as the CRE and was a national organisation set up under the Race Relations Act 1976. Its key aim was to combat racial discrimination and prejudice and promote equality for British citizens in England Scotland and Wales.

The CRE had legal powers and could to launch formal investigations into allegations of racism, and could in certain circumstances bring cases to court for prosecution.

The commission was publicly funded, and was governed by 15 commissioners who were all selected and appointed by the government of the day.

Over time its powers were increased by successive Home Secretaries, this increase in authority brought it into conflict with certain parts of the national press and political groups who raised concerns about a erosion of civil liberties.

On a practical level the CRE provided advice and support to those individuals who believed they had been victims of discrimination or harassment. It also ran high publicity campaigns promoting inclusion, good practise and a understanding of different cultures. Ultimately their aim was to make the UK a fairer place for all its citizens regardless of their race or ethnic background.

The Commission for Racial Equality no longer exists as in 2004 it was merged with other similar organisations to create the Equality and Human Rights Commission.

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