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Promoting inclusion in a work place environment

Diversity in the workplace

For a organization to run efficiently and at maximum performance it is very important that it treats its staff and clients or customers fairly and equally. Listed below are various methods and practises that can be used to ensure fairness for all in a work environment.

Another reasons for promoting inclusion is that legislation has been introduced within the UK To promote diversity in the workplace in a attempt to eradicate discrimination and prejudice. These laws are there to protect people regardless of their race, ethnicity,
age, sexual orientation or religious belief.
diversity in the workplace

Public sector employers particularly have a duty to actively put positive policies into effect.

Ways to promote diversity at work

One way to promote equality and diversity is for employers to encourage and monitor equality procedures and good practise throughout their workplace thereby ensuring that those that are under-represented or held back are given a level playing field.

Companies and organizations that have branches around the country can also work to ensure that the employees within these branches reflect the local communities that they serve.

Responsible employers can also ensure that they monitor the percentage of their staff that are from minority groups and also carry out regular surveys of their staff, As well as collecting other relevant statistical information.

Ensuring professional and independent disciplinary procedures are in place to deal with complaints allegations and disputes quickly and fairly so that all parties both aggrieved and accused can have their say.

Providing staff with professional diversity training by qualified trainers in either external classrooms or in house. So that work colleagues can perhaps role play or learn about each others cultures and differences in a friendly constructive atmosphere.

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