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Managing complex and sensitive equality issues between employees

Diversity management jobs

As a diversity manager in a organisation you primary task will be to work in partnership with your HR colleagues to create and maintain a positive non-discriminatory work environment between company employees.

Remember that each working environment is different and constantly changing with new staff and procedures. Therefore diversity managers should be flexible in adapting and promoting solutions that will encourage inclusion and combat inequality. 

diversity management jobs

The benefits of having a good diversity management policy
Equality policies are important within any work environment as studies have repeatedly shown that staff who are united and happy also tend to be more productive and loyal.

In work place environments where workers feel their employers treats everyone fairly they are more likely to give better service to their customers and have less time off through absenteeism. Positive diversity management policies also help improve the image and reputation of a company brand by showing that they are a ethical and responsible organisation.

Another advantage of a positive diversity policy is that you are likely to have less staff turnover as staff will feel more loyal to their employer. This also means of course that you will not have to constantly be recruiting and training new staff. 

The duties of a diversity manager
You will be expected to manage diversity issues, develop solutions and execute them positively and with sensitivity.

You could be arranging diversity training classes to help company employees become aware of and accept each others different cultures and backgrounds. In this type of scenario you must be careful not to alienate experienced staff who may have been with the company for a long time. They may resent being told what to do, so you should not make the training compulsory but perhaps voluntary.

As a diversity manager one of your main responsibilities will be to introduce practical equality policies that will combat prejudice and discrimination in a work environment. While at the same time advising and encouraging workers to understand and accept each other regardless of a person’s ethnicity, religious belief, gender, disability, age or sexual orientation.

Understanding of current laws and regulations

A candidates wishing to apply for any diversity management jobs must have a good working understanding of current legislation relating to discrimination and race issues. You may have senior managers, staff or human resources colleagues coming to you asking for advice and guidance on the interpretation of the law in relation to areas like:

  • Promotion
  • Recruitment
  • Equal pay
  • Training
  • Allegations of discrimination
  • Disciplinary issues


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