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Equality and Human Rights Commission

The EHRC as it is also known is a statutory body and was created in October 2007 by the ruling Labour Government. It has authority and powers in England Scotland and Wales, but not Northern Ireland.

It was set up under the Equality Act 2006, its current chairman is Trevor Philips, and it is managed by 15 different commissioners. Each of these commissioners is a specialist in their own respective fields. 

The EHRC was established to take over the duties of three other similar organizations previously operating in the UK. They were:-

Disability Rights Commission
Equal Opportunities Commission
Commission for Racial Equality

All of the above public bodies were disbanded or integrated into the EHRC, which has similar objectives to them to combat prejudice and discrimination and to promote a fairer Britain. The Commission has a particular focus on promoting equality in the following areas:

Sexual orientation
Gender reassignment

Like its predecessors the EGRC has been criticized by some commentators as a unnecessary quango.

Budget and finance
The EHRC has a annual budget of £70 million, and is publicly financed.

Number of employees
It is estimated that over 400 people are currently employed by the Commission.

Contact details

Equality and Human Rights Commission
3 More London
Tooley Street
Telephone: 020 3117 0235
Fax: 0207 407 7557
Email:  info@equalityhumanrights.com
Website: www.equalityhumanrights.com

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