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Techniques to get your jobs advertised to your target audience

Launching a effective diversity jobs advertising campaign

Maximize your candidate responses by using the techniques and strategies listed on this page to make your recruitment campaign as effective as possible.

By spending some time at the beginning writing a professional targeted job advert you will save time later on by only receiving job applications from suitably qualified candidates.

Pre interview screening
Ask well placed targeted questions in your job advert to help stop applications from unsuitable candidates. For instance if you do not want foreign candidates applying you could ask if the applicant is eligible to work in the UK, thereby stopping applications from overseas.
selecting the right staff

Advertise in the print media
Gain maximum effectiveness by placing your job adverts in those newspapers and publications that are aimed at diversity job seekers. Consider national, regional and trade publications.

Posting your job online
In recent years there has been a explosion in the use of online job boards and portals. They have taken away a lot of business from national and regional newspapers. Human Resource departments regularly use them rather than the print media. You could also consider social networking sites like Facebook etc.

Recruitment agency
You could consider using the services of a professional specialist diversity recruiting agency. There will of course be a charge for their services, ranging from a few hundred pounds to a few thousands. The cost could even be a percentage of their placement salary. The advantage of using them is that they will have specialist knowledge of your industry and also contacts with other recruiters and headhunting firms. They may also have a CV database of ready and available suitable candidates on their books. Recruitment consultants will also screen and interview jobseekers on behalf of a employer, adding to their cost effectiveness.


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