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A physiotherapist is someone who treats patients with physical difficulties which have been caused by illness, disability, injury or ageing. Being a physiotherapist you treat people of all ages including the elderly, children, stroke patients and people with injuries from sports. Physiotherapists usually see their patients for several consultations throughout a period of weeks or months depending on the condition.

The main purpose of this job is to work with patients to identify and improve their movement function of specific muscles or bones. By restoring and developing body systems, they help promote their patients health and well being, and assist the rehabilitation process. These body systems include neuromuscular, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular and respiratory systems. They create and review treatment programs, comprising manual therapy, movement, therpeutical excersize. Physiotherapists also give advice on how to avoid getting injured i.e. stretching before any physical activities.

Physiotherapists work in a large variety of work settings, they include, health centers, hospitals, industry, private practice and sports clubs. In addition, they treat a many different conditions such as injuries and fractures which include sports injuries, orthopedics and joints, strokes, post surgical rehabilitation, terminal illness or intensive care, obstetrics, abdominal conditions and gynecology, posture and movement, chest conditions, neurological conditions mental illness and learning difficulties. 

The type of treatment involved ensures the patient is making the right movements and excersize by the use of manual and mechanical techniques; this includes therapeutic movement and excersize therapy, manipulation, massage and electro and/or hydrotherapy.

The type of activities involved with physiotherapy includes working with patients to resolve any physical problems they may have. Reviewing and developing programs for patients, educating and advising patients and the people that care for them about how to reduce the risk of aggravating a condition as well as preventing it.  You also have to keep up to date with new techniques and technologies available for treating patients.

The initial payment you receive for working as a physiotherapist is £19,683 - £25,424. This can rise to £23,458 - £31,779 for specialist physiotherapists and £28,313 - ££37,326 for physiotherapist team managers. In order to become a physiotherapist you need to be registered with the health professions council.  The skills required to be a physiotherapist include having good communicational skills, an ability to work well in a team and to be patient as it is a demanding job. In addition, the ability to be firm, encouraging and administrative is important as well as having a genuine concern for the health and well being of a patient.

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