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How to write suitable and acceptable job adverts

Guidlines for employers when advertising diversity jobs

It is unlawful for employers to discriminate against a candidate who has applied for a job, because of their race, religion or gender etc. Legislation also makes it illegal to ask for personal details that are not relevant to their job being advertised, for instance unnecessarily asking about the marital status or sexual orientation of a candidate.

Hence when launching recruitment campaigns employers should follow certain guidelines to ensure they comply with current employment legislation.

On this page we will give a very brief guide of what to do and what not to do in relation to diversity issues.

a job advert
The golden rule to always remember is to only ask questions and ask for information that is relevant to the position being advertised.

The four main stages of the recruitment process that you should plan in detail for are:-

  • Advertising.
  • Selecting and interviewing job applicants.
  • Choosing the successful candidates.
  • Making a job offer to the successful candidate.

When employers are advertising, they must avoid biased advertising. If an advertisement is discouraging certain groups, it is illegal. For example if an advert displayed, “salesman wanted” it would be biased because of the word “man”. This indicates that female applicants will not be considered, the word “salesperson” would be acceptable.

What should an advertisement include?
Firstly a job title then draft a well written job description. You can use the points listed below to help you write up the duties and job requirements:

  • The qualifications and experiences required
  • Any specific skills required
  • Experience with Specific equipment required
  • The salary and benefits offered
  • The person to contact
  • The required reference

After writing your advert is your still unsure then always get a second opinion by asking a colleague in your companies HR department or someone in a senior position to review your advert to make sure its appropriate.

Selecting and interviewing applicants
During the interview process make sure you have your questions written down before any interview takes place, and make sure the questions are relevant to the vacancy.

In order to see whether the individual has the ability to perform or train for a particular job, selection and tests may be required of them. Again plan these well in advance and write down why they are relevant and why the results will be of benefit to you. 

To do and not to do
Below is a list of points that employers should or shouldnt do in the recruitment process:-

To do

  • Make sure all applicants are processed in the same way.
  • At the interview, ask questions which relate to the requirements of the job.
  • Make sure that employers know how to avoid unlawful discrimination aswell as ensuring that employees who come into contact with job applicants are trained properly about legal obligations in respect of discrimination.
  • Ensure that records of interviews which show why a applicant was or was not appointed are kept.

Not to do

  • Keep lists of male or female as well as married or single applicants separate.
  • In the interview with the applicant, ask questions about personal circumstances such as marital status, domestic obligations, children, family intentions and marriage plans.
  • When interviewing the candidate, make jokes that are sexist or racist or otherwise biased to one side.

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