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What does a sales person do?

Sales person

Selling is about providing somebody (a customer or consumer) with a product or service that they desire or require, charging them money for it, and making a profit out of the transaction. When starting with a new business venture, the market you need and where you should sell your product/service is closely linked.   In addition, you should consider whether or not you want to start with a product/service and locate a market for it, or identify a market and invent a service or product that the market requires, in most cases its both. If you have experience in working within an existing business, most of this would already have been done for you. The owners of the business would already have determined upon their market strategy and are willing to sink or swim on the basis of their decision.

Being a sales person you would be told what it is you are requested to sell, and to a better or less significant extent, where your supposed to sell it. Part of being a sales person is to assist the owners/directors of the company by carrying out research on the market and its needs, to assist them on what decisions should be made for the business to progress further.  However, it is enough to use existing data to choose precisely who to talk to about your product/service.

In order to become a successful sales person you need to have a good understanding of businesses and the way they are run.  In addition, you also need to have excellent negotiating and communication skills. These interpersonal skills should also be used to sell a product to a consumer in a professional way. 

You also need to be organised when becoming a sales person.  Make sure you have aims and objectives that will establish your yearly goals.  Make sure you also understand which client or product brought you most profit and work with that client or product more efficiently, make sure your work smarter not harder as this will result in your product or service becoming a success.

A sales persons working hours vary. Most of the time spent making sales is taken on trying to find a consumer or customer for your product or service.  The amount of hours you put into being a sales person will determine the amount of profit you make out of selling a product or service.




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