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Statutory rights of employees

By entering into an employment contract a employee becomes entitled to statutory rights. Many of these rights reply upon the employee having attained a qualifying period of employment. Some of the important rights are stated below:
  • National minimum wage.
  • Equal opportunities.
  • Itemised pay statements, these should be issued to all employees at the time of payment and should include: Net pay - Gross earnings - Variable and fixed deductions from gross earnings.
  • Equal pay for like work or work which is similar or work of the same value.
  • Maternity rights and benefits.
  • Notice of termination of employment.
  • Employees with at least one month’s service must be paid a guaranteed salary even when there is no work is available.
  • Periods where employees are laid off because there is no work available must be agreed in advance.

Health and safety working environment
Employers must provide all of their employees with safe working environment. This includes adequate materials, a safe working environment, competent fellow employees and protection from unnecessary risk of injury.

Sickness benefit
All employees are entitled to receive Statutory Sick Pay (SSP), subject to satisfying certain conditions from their employers.

Remuneration on suspension on medical grounds
If an employee is suspended on medical grounds in compliance with any regulations or which concerns the health and safety of workers, he or she is entitled to be paid for up to 26 weeks.

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