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Ensuring equal pay for men and women

The Equal Pay Act 1970

This legislation was passed into law in the United Kingdom in 1970. The main aim of the Act was to try to eradicate discrimination in working conditions and the pay gap  between men and women.

At the time that the Act was passed there was estimated to be a 37% difference between the wages of men and women.

Although dated as 1970 the At only came into force in the UK in December 1975, and made it unlawful for employers to discriminate between workers who do similar work.

The Act not only covers a persons salary but also other points in their working contract. Points like their holiday entitlement, bonuses, sick leave, company car, redundancy and pension rights.

In April 2003 the Equal Pay Questionnaire was introduced as a way of assisting those individuals who felt they were being paid less that colleagues who did similar work.

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