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The Sex Discrimination Act 1975 - a brief overview

This refers to legislation that was primarily introduced to stop discrimination against men and women on the basis of their gender. It was passed into law by the Labour government in 1975 and relates to most aspects of the provision of goods and services in ordinary daily life. It aims to promote gender equality and provide equal opportunities and protection to men just as well as women.

The Act is also commonly referred to as the SDA.

The Act has been amended and updated periodically by the UK parliament. For instance by the Conservative Party who introduced the Sex Discrimination Act 1986.

It covers the workplace and also every day life, making direct and indirect discrimination against staff unlawful. An example of this is the case of a pregnant woman who must be given assistance and time of for the birth or her baby, and not be overlooked in say matters of promotion.  

Marital status

The Act also makes it an offence to discriminate on grounds of a persons marital status, for instance it is unlawful to treat a married woman less favorably than a unmarried man.

SDA in the workplace

In relation to employment the Act also aims to ensure that all employees receive equal opportunities of promotion and that their working conditions and training are the same.

Sexual harassment, victimization and bullying are forms of indirect discrimination and areas that the Act addresses.

Below is a link to the full official Sex Discrimination Act 1975:-


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