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Advice for recruiters on writing attention grabbing job adverts

The importance of a well written diversity jobs adverts

There are many reasons why it's essential that any job advertisements and descriptions you write out are well written, clearly laid out and to the point.

A well written and concise advert convey's to a reader or potential candidate a positive professional image of your organisation and brand, and is therefore more likely to get a response. All of this means of course you will be more likely to find your ideal candidate quickly which in turn could save you time and money by you not having to re-advertise your vacancies.

By clearly listing points like the job description and your ideal candidate’s qualifications and experience requirements you can also stop jobseekers that are unsuitable from applying. The added benefit of this is that it will save your HR team from having to read applications from and filter out those applicants who are totally unsuitable.
write a attention grabbing job advert

The reverse side of this point is that a well written and readable diversity jobs advert is more likely to encourage applications from those applicants who are suitable.

An opportunity to promote your company brand
You should also view your job advert as a opportunity to publicize your company brand. You can do this in a number of ways, firstly by mentioning your company name and also the services or products it offers and secondly by publishing your organisations logo in the advert itself.

Why keywords are important in online job adverts

In the internet age choosing and inserting the best keywords and phrases into the text of your job description is very important. This is because nowadays a jobseekers will typically start their job search by typing keywords related to their profession into a search engine or job board. Therefore for your job advert to come up in any online search results it's descriptive text must include those keywords that are being searched. To increase your adverts online presence and visibility even further you should also include keywords that describe the skill sets and technical requirements needed by any applicants.

Advice on writing a diversity job description

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