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What to write in a attention grabbing covering letter

Writing a covering letter

Studies have shown that those applicants who attach a covering letter to their CV are more likely to be contacted by a recruiter.

Like a personal profile a covering letter is a opportunity for you to demonstrate to recruiters your qualities and skill sets that are specifically related to the job you are applying for. You can in your own words explain what motivates you and also allows you to briefly show your knowledge of the company and industry. This last factor is a excellent way to quickly grab the recruiters attention.

Try to keep the letter no longer than say four short paragraphs, mention point that are not listed in the body of the CV. Stress how you can be a benefit to their organisation, and explain any time gaps in your CV. Ensure that you date and sign the covering letter .

Style the letter according to the company you are applying to. For instance if it’s a accountancy firm them try to be logical and show you are good with numbers. If it’s a recruitment company then stress that you enjoy talking to people over the phone etc.

If possible then address the letter to the person who has advertised the vacancy, if you do this you are more likely to get invited for a interview. If you don’t have the name of the person dealing with recruitment then phone up the company and ask for it. A interesting point to note is that its estimated that up to fifty per cent of CV applications send into to HR departments end up going to the wrong person. These are subsequently then binned.

A good tip is to proof read the completed letter a few times to ensure the grammar is correct and that it is to the point.

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