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Writing a professional CV

On this page we will explain why it’s important and indeed essential to write a good resume, and also provide links to help you write one.

The letters CV stand for curriculum vitae, which when translated into English means your course of life. In America they use a different word for CV, they call it a 'resume'.

A CV is an opportunity for a jobseeker to sell and market themselves to prospective employers. It is because of this reason that candidates should always view it as a window of opportunity to summarise and show off their strengths when applying for any diversity jobs.

Now an important point to remember is that when you send off your CV to say a HR manager, that person will initially only have 2-3 minutes to quickly scan through it. This is because in the UK a typical job advert can attract on average 50 job applicants, this means the HR manager has to read through a minimum of 50 CV’s. Therefore in view of this fact it is very important that you write and present your CV in a clear and concise manner so that it stands out.

Logically layout and target your curriculum vitae at showing your work experience, education and profile so they stand out immediately. However do not go over the top and start writing your life story, stick to your knowledge, capabilities and be positive. How you write your CV is a key factor in getting you invited to a interview.

Today many CV’s are not only sent to recruiters in paper form but also via email. So it’s always a good idea to have two forms ready, a hardcopy and also a online copy in a word document or even in PDF format. Rather than continuously filling out application forms it’s a lot simpler and better to just send off a ready made CV along with a bespoke covering letter.

Use a spell checker to make sure that there are no spelling mistakes in any of the text, as if there then its likely to be binned immediately.

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