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The Diversity Job Board layout has been designed and built with the intention of making it easy to use and accessible to everyone, including visually impaired, disabled and elderly users.

Some of our visitors with impaired visibility may have difficulty navigating or clearly seeing the page text / mouse pointer on their screen. To help them get round this problem we have listed below some useful tips for them:

Text size 
The Text size and colour on our site can be altered and changed on your browser to make it easier for you to see. The font size can altered to make them larger and bolder thereby enabling those with impaired vision to read our site material. 
this page is accessible to disabled and visually impaired users

To increase the size use the enlarging tool at the top of each page, or simply press the press ' Ctrl ' + ' + ' buttons on your keypad together to magnify the screen, and press the ' Ctrl ' + ' - ' buttons to decrease the zoom.
Some people may also have problems seeing their mouse pointer, get around this by increasing the size of the screen itself.

Text and background colour
Some job seekers may find it difficult to read and see text if it’s combined with a particular background page colour. To solve this problem at the top of each page we have a easy to use tool that allows you to change the colours of the website page and font to a combination that makes it easier to read.

A speaking website
We have screen based reading software that when activated will automatically read what is on the screen in front of you. This mean that the computer will ‘talk’ to you by reading whats on the page. It’s a very useful tool for those who have vision or literacy and reading problems.

W3C standards
We strive to comply with all current legislation and W3C website compliance standards. 

Feedback and comments on site usability
We welcome any feedback from our site users on how they feel this site can be improved in any way. If you have any comments you’d like to pass on then please email our web team at: enquiries@diversityjobboard.co.uk.


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