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Cultural diversity in a country

Cultural diversity

All countries in the world have their own cultural heritage and identity, these can mean factors like their religious beliefs and language. In the modern world with the increase in air travel and also immigration due to population movement most countries now have small ethnic minority groups living within them. These groups will have their own culture and traditions, and it is this difference that can be said to provide cultural diversity to a country.

Nations where there is much cultural diversity can also sometimes be known as a multicultural society, this is the opposite of cultural uniformity. Diversity can take many different forms, for instance certain citizens may have their own dress style, food, language, traditions as well as different standards of morality.

The UK can be described as a truly diverse and multicultural country because of the immigration that has taken place there over the last fifty odd years. In these circumstances it has been the responsibility of successive UK governments to promote policies that encourage social cohesion and combat discrimination and inequality for all its citizens.

As you can see it is very important for race relations that all communities work together and have a sense of belonging and citizenship for the good of the country.

You should also note that diversity is not just limited to ethnicity but can also mean a indigenous persons background for instance their social class, sexual orientation as well as their gender.

In the UK there are a number of established main ethnic groups. The descendants of some of these are now 3rd or 4th generation British citizens, the majority of whom have integrated well into mainstream British society.

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