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The changing face of the UK jobs market

Cultural diversity in the jobs market

Increasingly employers in modern day Britain are finding that when they advertise a job they are getting applications from candidates from different diverse backgrounds.

The important point for employers in this situation is to ensure that their human resources department treats every applicant fairly and makes employment decisions based on merit. They must not discriminate against candidates because of their age, religion, race, gender or sexual orientation etc.

Positive measures should be taken to improve the performance of those social groups who are lagging behind. Training and other assistance provided by employers should be viewed as a long term investment in their workforce.

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As the UK becomes has become a multicultural society so new challenges have arisen for recruiters and employers. Two of the biggest challenges being firstly the requirement to be seen to be fair in their recruitment process and secondly the need ensure harmony and co-operation in their workplace as new entrants like women, minorities and immigrants arrive in the jobs market.

As large scale immigration to Britain began in the late 1940’s it can be argued that Britain has more experience than most other industrialised economies of cultural diversity in the jobs market. This has put us at the forefront of multiculturalism and also developing work based diversity policies.

For a company or organization to be successful and efficient it must try to get the most out of its human resources. It can best do this by promoting cultural diversity and inclusion within its workforce to ensure no one feels excluded or marginalised.


Studies are regularly carried out of the UK labour market to examine the performances and percentage of ethnic minorities employed in the jobs market and also those that are classified as self employed. Unfortunately most research tends to confirm that minority groups are still earn substantially less than the majority general white population.

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