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On this page you we aim to list the latest UK news stories that are related to diversity issues. To read the full story simply click on the headlines below to be taken to a page where the full article will be disaplyed.

Number of women in UK boardrooms reaches all time high
New figures have revealed that in 2011 there were more than 98 female appointments to the boardrooms of companies listed on the FTSE 250 ...full story
Date 23/01/12

Wales race equality chief urged to ‘quit’
The All Wales Ethnic Minority Association (Awema) faces questions over spending of EU and Lottery funds.. full story
Date 23/01/12

Oxbridge admissions accused of letting down ethnic minorities
Fresh accusations that Oxbridge admissions is letting down students from minorities have surfaced ...full story
Date 23/01/12

Institutional racism tag stopping reform in the Metropolitan Police
A report commissioned by the London Mayor Boris Johnson has stated that the term institutional racism has become a "millstone around the neck"..full story

Diane Abbott clashes on the ‘This Week’ show
The only female Labour Party leadership contender Diane Abbot has been involved in a heated exchange with interviewer Andrew Neil. full story

Labour party leadership hopeful want a diversity fund for prospective MP’s
A leading contender for the leadership of the Labour party has indicated that he would set up a Labour Party Diversity Fund aimed specifically at helping minority candidates enter parliament. full story

The new diversity of the Germany football team
As has been widely reported the German national soccer team in the World Cup is the most diverse in that nations history. full story

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