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On this page we will give you a brief guide to the practical types of equality and diversity training resources that managers can use within their organisations or companies.

All diversity management techniques, training courses and material used should be aimed at ending discrimination and improving workplace race relations between people of different cultures or backgrounds.

For employers the benefit of all of this staff training is that it will essentially encourage their employees to understand each others differences and therefore communicate better. This in turn will lead to a better workplace atmosphere and improve social cohesion between colleagues. Which in turn should lead to improved productivity and performance.
equality and diversity training jobs

Of course diversity training is not just about racism and a persons ethnic background, it should also touch on issues like: ageism, homophobia, sexism, bullying, harassment etc.

Classroom courses and activities

Typically held as a workshop in a spare room in your company. Invite staff and tell them to expect to be there for up to 3 hours. The class programme should be used to raise awareness of key equality issues relating specifically to your organisation.  

Discuss issues like prejudice and stereotyping and how hurt full it can be, include case studies showing the practical effects it can have on people. Also mention the clear benefits that inclusion and equal opportunities can bring to their organisation by creating a better working environment.   

You should mention the legal responsibilities of employers and also workers regarding race relations. Tactfully mention and touch on issues like disciplinary procedures that will be taken against those who make offensive comments regarding race, sexual orientation etc. Be ready to have to answer legal questions put to you by participants of the class, offer guidance and advice accordingly.  

Towards the end of the class give handouts of what you have discussed. At the end of the session you will ask each individual to give their views of what they have learnt and whether they can see how working together can strengthen their company.  



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