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Researching your prospective employer before the interview

It is always advisable to get basic information about any prospective employer before you attend a interview with them. There are many advantages in doing this, for instance if you are asked a difficult question about the companies products you can easily answer it. It can also impress the interviewer if you show that you have taken the time and effort to research about their company. It demonstrates enthusiasm and shows that you are interested in their organisation.

Another good tip is to also research the whole industry sector that the company operates in. Find out about their competitors and also their products, again showing the interviewers that you are aware of the big picture.  

Research and find out about their best selling products and services, and facts like who their director or parent company are. You should also check to see if there are any recent news stories about the company, for instance they may be opening another branch etc.

You can typically get all the information you need from the companies website or sales brochures and also trade magazines.

Remember during the interview look for opportunities to volunteer and bring up this information, to show you have taken time out to research them.

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