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Each month the Diversity Job Board attracts many active jobseekers. All of them coming to our site search for and find the latest diversity jobs from the UK’s leading progressive employers.

Our statistics speak for themselves, we attract these high levels of traffic due to our attention to detail, professional SEO and online marketing and also our focus on the candidates needs. All of these points help us to attract quality candidates that other job sites cannot reach.
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Statistics for our network of job boards:
The Diversity Job Board is part of a network of three specialist job sites (Click here for details of our other job boards).

Disability Job Board
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Our target audience

This site is aimed at qualified ethnic and minority jobseekers in Britain. By ethnic jobseekers we would mean Black and Asian candidates. By minority jobseekers we would mean disabled candidates, women, Gay / Lesbian, elderly. Our site is targeted at suitable candidates regardless of their:

Age (Elderly jobseekers)
Disability   (Disabled jobseekers)  
Gender    (Female, Male candidates)
Marital status   (Single, Married job seekers)
Race & ethnicity (Black, Asian, White, Mixed Race candidates)
Religious belief  (Different religion & culture)
Sexual orientation (Gay, Lesbian candidates)

How do we attract jobseekers to our site

We has been successful in attracting high quality job seekers because we use a variety of targeted marketing strategies to attract and retain professionals from all backgrounds. Our marketing team is constantly working hard devising new campaigns to drive new candidates and traffic to our site and to make sure we retain the existing candidates. We do this by
using a combination of the following techniques:

  • Search engine optimisation
  • Direct marketing
  • Email marketing / newsletters / job alerts
  • Search engine marketing
  • RSS feeds
  • Candidate loyalty via site registration / incentives

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