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More people are working from home than ever before

Working from home

There are many advantages of working from home.  This includes many different types of benefits which include, saving on start up costs, as you won’t need a premise to start your business in.  In addition, this also prevents you from spending time on finding a suitable property and also avoids becoming attached into long tenancy agreements.  Working from home also helps you coordinate your work around any family commitments you might have. In relation to family, you could also get help from family members, for example they could help you with general administrational tasks.  You could also save a lot of time and money which would have been used on travelling to work; you could also avoid distractions and noise of the workplace by working from home.

However there are also disadvantages from working at home as well. Over time you may find you could have trouble with creating a separation between your home and work life. In addition, you may find the initial expensive of setting up high. At home you are also venerable to domestic distractions and interruptions as well as feeling isolated and lonely.

It would also be beneficial if you seek help from relevant authorities. There are many authorities to seek help from for example, if you are going into child care, you can get in touch with OFSTED,  by filling a form out which could benefit you as someone from OFSTED will come down to your house and make any recommendations about what should be changed. 

The inspection will last around two hours; once this is done you would be sent a letter stating what changes should be made.  In addition, you can also benefit from this letter sent by OFSTED as you could be issued a grant. By getting in touch with your local council n finding out if your area is classed as a deprived are by the government.  If your area comes under this status, you are eligible for a £600 grant from the government.

When working from home it is best to have a place in the house where you are less likely to be interrupted or distracted. This is because it is important that the hours you put into your business or company at home, do not conflict with your personal life.

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